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A hot spicy porridge as a name for a clothing label, that is something interesting to start with! This week’s start-up is about the new chill brand Papedas. With this brand you think about long days at the beach in good company of surfers. While this brand was made under the polluted sky of Jakarta; Papedas is now free to breathe and become a well-known brand for people who like something a little different.

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While I still had sand in my hair from having a lovely day at the beach, I moved forward to Love and Anchor market in Canggu to meet the couple who are the master brains behind the creations of Papedas. The first time I saw Papedas was when one of my friends played with his band. He was wearing a t-shirt with the image of the iconic Bali fuel bottles. Straight away I wanted to know which brand was creating that t-shirt. Meeting Amy and Tim was a blast. They are both so energetic and spontaneous. You will be blown away by their passion for Papedas.

We love to stimulate people to be creative with our clothes. If you are a woman you can use the oversized t-shirt as a dress, while your partner can wear it as a t-shirt during a night out.

– Can you tell me what the product I used for? –

Tim: At the moment we have t-shirts, muscles or tanktops (which word suit you the best), shorts, shirts and caps. In the future we would love to add more items to this range.

Amy: Our products are for everybody; our clothes are unisex. We love to stimulate people to be creative with our cloths. If you are a woman you can use the oversized t-shirt as a dress, while your partner can wear it as a t-shirt during a night out. Tim and I swap our Papedas clothes all the time. There are no male or female curves in our clothes, so you can make it your own. I love to tie up the shirt for example, to give it more of a beach look. If you put the shirt in your trousers it also looks different than when you are wearing in loose. We also think the clothes of Papedas can be worn for many occasions like a chilled day, a barbecue night with friends, a day at the beach, or a party night out.

– When did you start the company and what was the reason? –

Tim: The idea was there already in 2015, but realisation came in 2016. I had this little dream of starting my own business and leave corporate life in Jakarta. I knew that I did not want to work for a boss in an office forever. I could feel there was something out there for me; more adventurous and it would give me more time to spend with my friends and family. I decided I wanted to work on an island near to the beach, and where I could sell my own t-shirt label and surf.

Last year I quit my job, and packed one bag full with t-shirts. I took a plane from Jakarta to Bali, and hoped luck would be at my side.

With Papedas we don’t want to follow mainstream trends, we like to create our own original artwork. We like to have Indonesian words and images that remind people of their time in Indonesia.

– What is your personal story to your company? –

Tim: I arrived in Bali with my one bag of t-shirts, and I got the last empty spot at the Love and Anchor market. At that time it was only a Saturday market, but I sold directly some of my t-shirts and could spend more time at the beach. I knew Amy from back in Jakarta, and when I asked her to come over to Bali, she decided to take the same leap of faith. Although she still is working as an incredible English teacher, at the weekends she helps me here at the market.

With Papedas we don’t want to follow mainstream trends, we like to create our own original artwork. We like to have Indonesian words and images that remind people of their time in Indonesia. That is why we came up with the Bali fuel image; because everybody who drives a bike in Bali has seen at least one time those ‘vodka’ bottles with fuel. You won’t see it somewhere else. We have also got an animal print of an orangutan, as this animal is symbol for the forests in Indonesia. Or our newest edition is ‘nona manis’, which means: sweet lady. We love to make t-shirts with those kind of quirks related to the Indonesian culture. We are thinking of making ‘sama-sama’ and ‘hati-hati’ as well, everybody who has ever visited Indonesia will know what I am talking about.

Amy: The name Papedas is from a hot spicy porridge from Ambon from the island Maluku. It comes from the word ‘papeda’ that means porridge and ‘pedas’ which means spicy. Tim is originally from Ambon and loves this dish. It is for him showing to be proud of where he comes from.

Our motto is Risk Beach Life. We use this in all our hashtags, and promotions. Tim risked his life to follow his dreams; he wanted to be near the beach to build a life for him and a future family.

We work really close with the tailors, and make sure everybody in the process is our friend. We are inspired by local daily life activities, and want to have good quality products for our customers.

– What is the price of the product, guarantees, and where can costumers buy it? –

The Papedas products are sold in markets in Bali, and by Instagram. You can see as well the newest editions of clothing by their Instagram. Worldwide, already they have followers that love to post the shirts on Instagram. At the moment the fans only can buy it in Bali, or need to pay the shipping costs to the county they are in. They hope to branch out and do consignment in the near future.

The price range of Papedas start at 120,000 rupiah (£7.25 ) up to 250,000 rupiah (£15.- ).

Tim and Amy always have good contact with the tailors, and buy their own fabrics. They want to make sure all of the clothes are made with the best quality. The production is only in small batches, so they can do their own quality check per item. They have had no refunds or complaints so far, and they want to continue this.

In Bali you can buy the clothes at:

  • Love and Anchor market in Canggu (daily open), Jalan Pantai Batu Belong No. 56
  • Old Man’s Saturday market in Canggu  (1 time a month), Jalan Pantai Batu Belong (beach side)
  • Sea Vu Play market in Kerobokan / Seminyak (1 time a month), Jalan Petitenget

– My review of this product –

I LOVE IT! I got the newest ‘nona manis’ edition t-shirt, and the fuel t-shirt. I wear the blue with white t-shirt with pride, and my partner loves his fuel t-shirt. The fabric is soft and stays comfortable, even after a few washes. I also bought myself the green #riskbeachlife cap, and the muscle top with the Bali fuel print. My friends have been asking already were I got the products from, so it is definitely that kind of brand that get peoples interest.

Meeting Amy and Tim made me laugh, and got me inspired. I think that is exactly what this brand is doing as well. They like to communicate to you with a smile, and make you feel inspired about the beautiful surroundings and habits of Indonesia.


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Text written by Ruby Kramer

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Input interview and pictures by Tim and Amy

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