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During her search for her meaning in life, Danish Ulla travelled and worked in places like Spain, Amsterdam, Ireland, Mexico and Cuba. She knew that a 9 to 5 life was not for her, as she enjoyed learning other cultures and meeting new people whilst seeing the world.

In the Canggu area of Bali I see leaflets about all kinds of cool experience activities. I looked up the brand Learn with Locals, and found an Instagram full with beautiful handmade flower crowns, leather passports, lace bra’s, astrology bracelets, and more creative looking activities. I wanted to know more about this organization.
It makes me happy I contacted Learn with Locals, as the creator Ulla had an inspiring story to tell. You can read today in Digital Nomad News what this Danish woman and her amazing experience activities have to do with each other.

–From Airbnb host to travel experience host –

In 2014 Ulla set base back in Denmark after travelling for a while. She started an Airbnb, so she could stay connected with travellers from all around the world. Ulla loved to give her guests the right information and the best stay possible. She noticed that she always found excuses to go back to the Airbnb to chat more with her visitors.

“I missed the travelling, and by having conversations with my guests, it gave me a feeling of being on the road again. I made excuses all the time to come back to the house. ‘I forgot my key’ or I looked up an event that could be cool for the visitors to go to.”

It was not for nothing that Ulla had an Airbnb, as she had written her thesis about how Airbnb could improve their service towards the customers. One of the ideas that Ulla had was to add travel experiences to the website.

“Not everybody likes to be an accommodation host, but there are many people who would like to show visitors more about their culture by doing an activity. I came up with that idea for Airbnb, and nowadays they add local activities to their website.”

– One course changed her life –

Over the years Ulla developed her own social skills, knowledge about different cultures, and enjoyed being a ‘tourguide’ and host for her guests. Still, it was not rewarding enough and she decided to hit the road again to Mexico. Her idea was to stay in North-America for 3 months, but due to the lack of money, she decided to invest her remaining money on a coding course in Bali. The coding course was her way to earn money in the future. She didn’t know it would lead her to start her own company, that has nothing to do with coding.

During the course one of the teachers said to Ulla that her idea of having a website with local experiences would be a great idea. Ulla had watched upcoming trends, and knew she had found a gap in the market. Especially here in Bali where the number of tourists is growing by the week.

“I think it is important to live in the present. When I was in Mexico things slowed down for a good reason. I slept in a hammock and enjoyed that easy lifestyle. The coding course opened another vibe for me, the one of becoming an entrepreneur.”

In 10 days time she made the Learn with Locals website and started to promote her travel experiences by social media and leaflets. This all happened in May this year, and now Ulla’s local activities experiences are some of the best in Bali.

– Learn with the locals experiences –


There is a wide range of activities of Learn with Locals:
* Learn To Make Paper Succulent Plants with Nathania
* Learn The Art Of Balinese Home Cooking with Frances & Adi
* Learn To Make Your Own Astrology Beads Bracelet with Canti
* Learn To Make Your Own Paper Flower Crown with Nathania
* Learn The Art of Hand Lettering with Novi
* Learn The Art of Leather Crafts and Make your own Passport Holder with Dash
* Learn Idealist-Portrait Painting with Geed
* Learn The Art of Calligraphy & Brush Lettering with Osh
* Learn To Edit Your Pictures in Lightroom and Create Your Own Presets with Adi Sumerta
* Learn To Make Your Own Jamu Blend With Sofyan & Onet


– Join an experience –

From my own experience I can say that the local experiences are fun to follow. I joined the astrology bracelet activity with Canti. Learning this certain skill of astrology mixed with fashionable jewellery was a great activity. Although some started fighting their beads and dreads, I was completely in peace with myself and making the bracelet really eased my mind.

It was not only for the experience that I can say I will follow more activities of Learn with Locals. The people who joined this experiences were all inspiring and had interesting stories. Some were tourists, others recently moved to Bali to start a new chapter in their lives.

I fell in love with French Sandrine her story about Smile Road, and Canti about becoming an astrologer in just two years time and reading tarot online. Also Dash who is from Singapore who is really passionate about making leather, blew me away with his story of travelling back and forward to follow his creativity in making leather items.
I guess Ulla not only made really cool experiences, she also create a special vibe. People that are open minded and searching for some kind of sense in life. Special thanks to Ulla, Canti and Dash for leading this workshop.

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