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Silver gives you simple yet elegant feeling to match with everyday look or a night out outfit. The first time I saw Loka’s silver was at The Locals Canggu store in the shortcut in Canggu, I loved it from the first moment and was more than happy to meet owner Eka at her stand at Love Anchor bazar in Batu Bolong.

While talking with Eka I was stunned by its simple and therefore mightily attractive jewelry. Loka design gives you exactly that feeling and make you wear it at all times. Simplicity at its best!


“My aim is to stay creative, offer quality products while support my family and local silversmiths.”

About the Start-up

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This week we feature Loka silver jewelry company. It is feminine power business run by owner Eka that manoeuvre between love for her family and passion for business and creativity. She gained great experiences working for local and international silver companies and has recently started her own Bali based silver company. Even though she just started to walk on independent path her business is in full swing.


– What is Loka? –


We have collection of variety of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings available. I use sterling silver to make the jewellery and do gold plating as well. I supply silver from Antam silver mining in Indonesia and the stones mostly from Kalimantan island (Borneo). I love to experiment and integrate fossils and sea shell in various pieces. I keep my design simple and accepting custom orders.


– Why did you start the company? – 

I was part of one of the biggest silver companies in Bali. After a birth of my second child I decided to work from home for USA based company. My contract ended a year ago and I decided to give myself more freedom establishing my very own business. I enjoy family life as much as I enjoy being productive business woman. Starting my own business was the way I could stay balanced. I am now expecting third child, but still working and I am proud I can economically support my family and local community. I do collaborate with local silversmiths and two of our employees responsible for finishing products and packaging are family members.


At the moment I am challenging myself by managing all on my own. My business started by selling small quantities of items and now reaching shipment of 2000 to 2500 pieces per month to Europe, USA and Australia. I do manage supplies and do a lot production supervision as my clients have detailed demands of what I must deliver to them. I am trying my best to build good relationship with my workers, and by that  means listening to their personal stories and adjusting working schedules. It might happen in the near future I will expand my team to get some help and keep the growing peace of productivity.

Being balanced means a lot in Balinese culture. I thank each and every day I can support my family through my creativity.



 – What is your personal story? – 


My parents had high ambitions for me and regardless to that I have decided to study hospitality. After few years of studying I figured out field of hospitality does not suit my desires. I decided to do office jobs and soon I got opportunity to join silver company in 2004. This was the place where I started to be productive on different levels doing personal assistant work, supervising production and nonetheless design products.


I would never think I can be creative, yet I discover my creativity within during working for silver company. Now I’m unstoppable, staying simple in my designs and planning to incorporate more complexity in the future innovations. Loka in Balinese language means world and what I am doing, combining family and business, means world to me!

“I found my creative side of me while working for others and now enjoying being independent business woman.”

 – The price, guarentee & shops –

Price range of Loka products goes from US$6 up to US$350.


Custom inquires are welcomed at and instagram Loka.silver.

You can find Loka silver in shops around Bali:


–  Somewhere Store Oberoi (Seminyak)
– Somewhere Store Avoka (Seminyak)
– Somewhere Store Seminyak (Seminyak)
– The Locals Canggu (Canggu shortcut)
– Love Anchor (Pantai Batu Bolong – Canggu)



– Polona’s review of Loka silver –

I had pleasure to examine Loka products with my own eyes. I must say am still captivated by its original designs and making various outfits matching silver masterpieces in my mind. It is the beauty of jewelry combined with owners hard working creative energy that gives the brand its charm.


I can’t help but to keep Loka ring on my hand at all times enjoying the brightness and clearness of the rose quartz stone. Eka explained that this particular stone with its gentle pinks essence it is actually a crystal of unconditional love. With its feminine energy stimulates the imagination – art, music and the written word. It is exactly what I need at the moment. I give it a definite positive review!


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Text written by Polona Lupinsek

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