Editor’s note | Rebellious Christmas

We are half way through December already! Everywhere there are white Christmas trees, lovely winter songs, and cuddly warm clothes popping up in advertisements and magazines. We at Graysonsisters love this time of year, so don’t get us wrong, we are not trying to be a Christmas Scrooge, we always choose to be a bit off-stream and have some rebellious Christmas fun!


Rebellious December


In our Graysonsisters magazine you can see fashionable clothing, beautiful jewellery, amazing brands and dream holiday destinations, but we are more than that, we are a great team of pioneers, visionaries, and creative souls. At Graysonsisters we have a weak heart for entrepreneurs who choose to chase their dreams, the people who put their egos aside to help others and the odd ones that decided to make a difference in this world.


This December we are not focussing on the newest Christmas trends – although I must admit that Rose (our digital editor) and I are in love with the pineapple trend this year, where people are decorating pineapples in lieu of Christmas trees.


Polona went Christmas shopping for sustainable gifts, and Inge Hart made an Ayurveda proof Christmas dinner. We also got an early Christmas present from Santa; a brother! Jan is joining our Graysonsisters team and wrote his first blog about Japan.


And so that is all the Christmas spirit there is, furthermore we will make it a rebellious month!



Living like a tattoo artist and Vegans Love Leather


We are swapping our living like a model for one month, to living like a tattoo artist. Noenoe Shadow of Lovina Tattoo Gallery is a Bali based tattoo artist travelling around the globe. In the last three mounts he has visited Malaysia and Australia, and in 2018 he is off to the USA. This December we will ask him what kind of tattoos women like to have, and what vision he has about ladies with lots of tattoos. Special detail; I promised to do the interview with a Vegans Love Leather collar around my neck.


Vegans Love Leather is an amazing brand that is rocking New York City right now! Although wearing a collar never came to mind, it suits our rebellious month. In New York City the street fashion has adopted this raw, and powerful look. Chic classic with a beautiful black dress, 60s rock star with leather pants, pin it like true 70s punker do or take it with you in the bedroom. The collars of Vegans Love Leather can be worn by anybody who is brave enough to release their inner self.



Sustainable presents


Polona searched through Instagram to find the best sustainable presents for under the Christmas tree. Her eye caught One Planet Zero; a webshop that has recently launched and focus completely on products that help the environment.  She also came across a brand called Bali Recycling who sell their products worldwide. This organisation started to make glasses out of glass bottles in the 90s. The result is amazing; they reduce a large amount of glass waste. We love the glasses of Bali Recycling so much, that Polona often surprises the Bali team healthy breakfast served in them.


We also know that lots of women are hoping for some glitter in one of the presents they will get this year. Polona had an interview with the amazing silver brand Loka Silver, and I interviewed jewellery brand Pocketsongbird. The quality ensures that you will have these items for a long time, all the sustainability we wish for.



Villa visits and new Bali blog


Another thing that we do every month at Graysonsisters is visit a villa. We call it #graysonsistersontour

Last month we visited Villa Bloom and Villa Galante. This month we had a beautiful stay at Villa Kami in Canggu, south of Bali. The stay was amazing, as we organized a pre-Christmas party with tasty food and massages. It was a nice retreat to have during these busy days before Christmas starts. If you are looking for a last-minute holiday; Villa Kami is perfect!


I also wrote an article about secret rice fields in Bali, and my discovery of Crate Café in Canggu and UMA in Seminyak. If you are on a holiday in Bali, these places should be on the top of your to do list. Crate has amazing fresh home-made food for no more than 4 euro. Attached to the café is Crate Gallery and Crate Concept Store, to get your creative energy flowing. If you like to get more inspiration, than UMA is your place, also a concepts store with weekly exhibitions, good Thai food, and high-quality coffees.


More Bali news


Although Graysonsisters is a worldwide magazine, we are having bloggers from all over the world (The Netherlands, England, North-America, Spain, Slovenia, and Australia) four of us are actually in Bali. This island is full of inspiration, which is why we all love to stay here in the tropics. Rose has decided to drop off her editor seat, and hop on her bloggers chair. In the new year she will write about her life in Bali and take you to amazing places. Stay tuned!


Also a new food blog will be out soon. I will write an article about Chai tea, in collaboration with amazing Chai brand Organic Island Chai. I had some Chai teas before in my life, but this one definitely blown me away. In addition Polona will show her kitchen skills in the upcoming months, with a complete new food blog written by her.


Polona and I are as well on a culinairy trip and going to check out Kinoa restaurant to have a meeting with the cake brand Thymen and Caramel. The 15-year-old Ariel dedicates her days to making amazing vegan cakes. We cannot wait to hear the story about why she is so obsessed with making cakes, and what triggered her to bake vegan. Kinoa is owned by her parents, so food is in their blood. You can read about this inspiring family soon in Graysonsisters.



We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


I only write my Editor’s note once a month; which means I will not be writing personally to you again in 2017. Graysonsisters had an amazing year with new bloggers joining the team, releasing a mobile version of the magazine and meeting all the entrepreneurs who showcased their products. In 2018 we want to write more, grow bigger, and become the big sister we dreamed of from the beginning of this magazine. You will see us in the new year!


Have an AMAZING CHRISTMAS and a DIVINE NEW YEAR! – From the whole team



Text written by Ruby Kramer

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Text edited by Rose Hodge

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