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OPIA Dining was beyond our expectations and fulfilled every childhood wish of dining in a fairy tale venue; surrounded by gardens and twinkle lights, a picture worthy swing and master rattan seats, all accompanied by live music in the background.


How do I start to explain our visit to OPIA Dining in Jimbaran? As soon as Rose and I saw the entrance we knew a magical night was ahead of us, we felt blessed to get invited to this beautiful restaurant. For people who know us; we are honest and would tell you if we did not enjoy this restaurant, luckily there is no need.


Get married on a magical magical clifftop


The grand doorway was opened by a lovely lady who offered us a welcome drink; we could choose between a mocktail or cocktail. With drinks in hand we were escorted to see the wedding area of OPIA. Rose was immediately impressed and joked that this could be a place she could get married. I’ll let Rose talk here for a second:

Although I am not the traditional marriage kind of girl, the beautiful scenery and attention to detail at OPIA could convert me. Walking into a beautiful dome ceilinged space, encircled by Koi ponds, I felt special – and slightly underdressed in my Converse – I can only imagine the joy and happiness that the wedding parties must feel when attending a marriage here.

When being led down the aisle to the chapel I couldn’t keep my head still, taking in all the outstanding landscapes and greenery in sight – I hope the brides and grooms are a little less distracted. From the chapel there is a full view of the jungle, sea and beach. The perfect place to tell the person you love ‘I do.’

“The movement of the guests from chapel, to party, to dining. Even special ‘thrones’ for the couple – which I must say, made me feel like a boss.”

As I was dreaming away I saw myself in a beautiful wedding dress or could picture myself in the best evening gown possible. What do you think of these dresses I picked for my ultimate wedding and party after? You can click on the dress to find out more about the selection I made for you.

Imagine the wedding day

Every detail is considered by OPIA; allocated changing rooms for both bride and groom, equipped with dressing tables and all the essential beautifying tools. The perfect picture spots to make the most of the incredible location. The movement of the guests from chapel, to party, to dining. Even special ‘thrones’ for the couple – which I must say, made me feel like a boss.


It was the most picturesque setting for a wedding I could dream of, a real fairy tale come true. Anyone who is lucky enough to have their wedding at OPIA will truly be the talk of the town and hold the most precious memories of their special day.


Feel like the only guests in the restaurant


Food was on my mind, and luckily OPIA Dining had a table reserved for us. The sun was setting and the colours in the sky made it a perfect romantic setting. Rose and I joked a few times that we are a Graysonsisters-couple. Visiting all these amazing food places lately has brought us lots of inspiration and laughs.  Couples were coming in one by one and being seated at the prepared tables, they are all well-spaced, so if you come with your partner you still have some privacy.


Trish, our host that evening, has the brightest personality and makes sure you feel like the only guests in the restaurant. She recommended two cocktails to us, and of course we trusted her word. Rose got the ‘Blushing Bride’ and for me the ‘Honeycomb’. Without Trish knowing us, she chose the best cocktails for us. Rose loves to indulge in vodka cocktails, and I am a rum-lover. I really do appreciate when a host can read your personalities and give you the right recommendations.



“Again, a good taste, the crab was beautifully cooked. The pasta itself was made of black ink, which gave the plate extra character.”


Let dinner start at OPIA Dining


Because Trish had set our minds on fire with the cocktails she chose for us; we let her decide what we would eat as well. Recently, I shifted from being full vegan to 95% vegan, which means that twice a month I will eat meat. As it was a special occasion, I decided to treat myself and have a ‘cheating-night’. Rose agreed with me to let Trish surprise us, although she can be hard to please when it comes to food. My background is in food and tourism which makes me look at the experience with a specific eye, whereas Rose is the best guest you can have if you want to get an objective review. There is science in our match.


The starters at OPIA Dining were a big success. We both loved the traditional krupuk (prawn crackers) with sambal (chilli sauce), pork buns, and lamb sate with peanut sauce. The lamb sate was served on a tiny grill with hot charcoal burning away underneath. All the food was finger licking and beautifully presented.



A sublime main course


While waiting for the main course we ordered more cocktails from the extensive list;  Fishmens Wharf and Gin-Baran. They were also delicious!

Rose looked at her plate with a hesitant face, as a crab was staring at her and she is not a big fan of fish. I was touching my piece of duck a little bit and was wondering what was on my plate. I looked at Rose and she gave me this look; “Can we swap?” YES PLEASE! Rose will fill you in on the details of her plate, and I will give you a sum-up of my fish pesto pasta.


Rose: My dish was the ‘Dirty French Duck’ which I will admit, looked so amazing I didn’t want to ruin it. The duck was perfectly cooked and was complemented by all the flavours on the plate. I loved the hints of orange and beetroot (which is a rare luxury for me here in Bali), I stacked my fork up well with all the tastes to make sure I was getting the full experience.


Ruby: The pasta was rich in flavour; the pesto was mixed well and not too present. The squid had the right texture and was delicious. There were little shrimps and coquille in the food. The crab was a bit hard to manoeuvre with a normal fork, but I managed to get most of the meat out. Again, a good taste, the crab was beautifully cooked. The pasta itself was made of black ink, which gave the plate extra character.



“It was the perfect size, texture, combination and tastes and exactly what I had dreamed of for most of the dinner.”


Chocolate orgasm


Sorry for the title of this paragraph; but the dessert at OPIA Dining gave an amazing closure to a special night. Rose and I both ordered a chocolate dessert, despite that Trish recommended us the cheesecake which is their speciality. Next time, we will order it! Rose had the chocolate trio and I ordered the raw cocoa with Balinese coffee.  One last time I will let Rose explain her taste experience, and I will describe mine.


Rose: Both Ruby and myself had quipped from the start of the night that we both wanted chocolate as dessert, so when I saw the chocolate trio there was no way I was having anything else. I couldn’t have been more satisfied by the plate that was presented to me; a piece of chocolate cake, a macaroon, chocolate cream, ice cream, chocolate sprinkles… OH MY! I was in heaven from the first bite until the last, though I admit I did offer the last few morsels to Ruby – friendship or full stomach? It was the perfect size, texture, combination and tastes and exactly what I had dreamed of for most of the dinner. It truly pleased my chocolate cravings.


Ruby: From the menu I had a very different idea for the set-up of the dessert. I had in my mind some chocolate with Balinese Coffee as a sauce. It was completely different, but definitely not a disappointment. The mousse was rich, creamy in a good way, and the chocolate was exploding in my mouth – I can say this out loud ‘This was my favourite chocolate mousse ever!’ Accompanied with a nice Jasmine tea, it balanced out the richness of the dessert. The portion is large, so make sure you have some space left or share with your partner.



We will come back


As you can see; we cannot stop talking about this place. The wedding location, the food, and we didn’t even mention about the amazing cosy garden and the acoustic guitar player with a voice that touches your heart. Most couples arrived when the sun had set, which makes you feel like you are part of the sky; all the lights of the restaurant blend in with the big horizon full of stars. If you like to see the lush environment, and take some stunning pictures like we did, I advise you to come at 5pm when OPIA opens their doors.


We would like to thank OPIA, especially Trish and all the staff members that made our night so incredible. We could see that this service is offered every day to every guest, not only because two food bloggers are present that evening. OPIA Dining is the kind of place where you will have a perfect romantic night with your loved one. If you go on a honeymoon in Bali; this restaurant needs to be on your list!

Text written by Ruby Kramer and Rose Hodge
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Pictures taken by Ruby Kramer
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Thank you OPIA Dining

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