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If you want to have a clean eating experience or get surprised by the flavour of a vegan cake; you should book your ticket to Bali! Polona and I visit Kinoa Clean Eating in Canggu and Thyme and Caramel made this awesome cake for the Graysonsisters team.


We were blown away by the passion of both brands, and their vision in life. Kinoa and Thyme and Caramel are pure hearted brands that only cook with organic ingredients, and making their dreams come true. You might be surprised to hear one business is run by a 15-year old young lady, and the other one has a 13-year old passionate male barista.

It doesn’t mean it is necessary to know what you want to become in life, but if you are doing something that feels good now; go for it!

Graysonsisters meets Kinoa-family


It was a rainy day when Polona and I arrived at Kinoa Clean Eating to meet the wonderful Arielle of Thyme and Caramel. In the South of Bali she is getting more famous day by day, as her cakes are completely vegan and look like a fairy tale with colourful flowers and creamy decorations. I had seen Thyme and Caramel’s pictures on Instagram, and especially when I saw the birthday cake of Yasmin Suteja at Crate I was obsessed with finding out who was making these creations. This cake had a story to it; that was clear to me.


Finding out that Arielle is a 15-years old entrepreneur with the knowledge and vision of a grown-up, made me having goose bumps during the full interview. What a powerful young lady! She is inspiring in all her words, and her parents made a big contribution to teach their children to follow their heart. Ariel had never thought to end up baking cakes, as a child she loved to play with playdough, what gave her the skill of handeling fondant easily. Her real passion for baking popped-up during a school market and a disappointing cake experiences.


All natural flavours


Arielle was a student at Green School in Ubud, where children are stimulated to think bigger than only about their study. Arielle’s parents were selling organic treats during a school market, when a mum asked if they could make vegan cupcakes for a birthday party. Arielle decided that this was a good opportunity to experiment with the possibilities of food. The vegan cupcakes became a big success.


During a trip to Jakarta it became even more clear to her; everywhere people can buy sugary and dairy cakes, but those cakes are always too sweet and too fat. She started to wonder why there was not a cake made with natural ingredients. Together with her mum she started searching for the right ingredients to replace common ingredients.


We played at Graysonsisters a little guessing-game to find out what ingredients Arielle had used for our Thyme and Caramel cake.  We were impressed by the passion fruit in the cake, what not only give a fresh touch to it, but also a crunchy element. The thick creamy layers were made of coconut cream and again passion fruit juice. Even the colours are all made by natural ingredients.


Food to thoughts


The cake filled up our stomach, but Arielle was the one that gave us food to thoughts. She wants to be an inspiration to many young women.


“Life is not only about studying, and getting our academic degree.”


She has finished Cambridge university online, and her English is better than many others with an English background. She strongly believes that passion comes from inside.


Her brother Hansel is following that same vision. As he is 13 years old and loves coffee beans. Polona and I run to the kitchen when we hear about this young talented barista that works in the restaurant of his parents. He knows a lot about all different kind of coffee and you can see he enjoys working with the coffee beans. For us het made a delicious coffee, but we forgot to ask which beans he used. We advise you to try it out for yourself.



Kinoa Clean Eating and mindful food


“Many people eat vegetarian or vegan these days, but they don’t look if their fruit or vegetables are organic. I think personally that eating clean is more important than if you are a meat-eater or vegan. Same count for the products you use in life. We use recycled glass and wooden plates. Clean eating is not a trend, it is a lifestyle.”


I was already in love with Arielle her story, and her brother Hansel inspired us deeply. We all connected the dots together when we met their parents. They are Indo-Chinese, what means they grow up in Indonesia in a Chinese community. The rules were strict and the pressure to have a good job and get the best school for the kids was high.


They were not mainstream and did it different than the others. In the end they even decided to go to Bali and start their own restaurant and share their vision about life and eating clean. Kinoa Clean Eating has an own garden with fresh fruit and vegetables. The house of the family is next to the restaurant and the father build it all with reclaimed woods. It looks stunning!


The design of Kinoa Clean Eating is cosy, natural and balanced. They serve great food, and have fish and pork for the non-vegan eaters. All other dishes are suited for vegetarians and vegans. Polona and I were loving the smoothies, and our food had an incredible taste.


You should try it out yourself if you are going to Bali. You find Kinoa Clean Eating and Thyme and Caramel at Jl. Munduk Kedungu No.29, Pererenan, Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351.



Text written by Ruby Kramer
Instagram | Food Blog | Travel Blog 


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