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Personally I love it when a menu is small and clear. In Bali some restaurants like to flood you with so many choices of dishes, that by half an hour you still haven’t made up your mind. Not at Tokyoskipjack!


Tokyoskipjack is a steakhouse, and their menu offers: steak, burger, fish & chicken. The only thing that made my head spin was to make a decision out of 7 amazing looking sauces, but the manager had a great solution for that one.


Big steak – small steak


In December Graysonsisters visited UMA Seminyak; a great mix of different restaurants, shops, exhibition space, and a garden. All in the middle of top noch city centre of Semiyak. We had the honour to meet inspiring architect and co-owner of this place, Mas Jacob at Temu Coffee. When he invited Graysonsisters to come to Tokyoskipjack and have a talk about the first Design Week in Bali; we jumped on the bike and meet up again with him.


Before all the talking started we had choice out of New Zealand beef or USA beef; 6 normal sized portions, and 3 over-the-top sized portions. I still can’t believe that there are people ordering one kilo of steak or 500 grams of steak for themselves, but I was pretty fine with a 200gram of nice red beef. We ordered all different kind of dishes, so we could have a bite of everything.



Special sauces


Tokyoskipjack’s signature is the green Japanese salad and their wide range of sauces. The manager told me he would bring out all sauces, as he noticed I could never make up mind.


The food was served fast, and it smelled delicious. We used the French fries to taste all the sauces, before combining them with the juicy beef. My favourite is the Japanese Chimichurri sauce; garlic, olive oil, parsley, chives, and coriander. The mushroom sauce was my second favourite, and the white barbecue shared the third place with the coffee barbecue sauce. Yes, you read it well; a barbecue sauce were they add an extra kick of coffee to it. The flavour was smoky and strong.



First Bali Design Week


The food was absolutely tasty and I would recommend you to visit Tokoyskipjack if you like a good steak. Another excited thing coming up in May this year is the first Design week in Bali! It will be a try out to see how many designers are interested in a yearly event like this. A week full of amazing looking furniture, couture fashion, and stylish interior inspiration. During the design week there will be exhibitions, workshops, presentations, design walk, and a competition. If you like to know more or want to join this event; follow Seminyak Design Week 2018.


Text written by Ruby Kramer

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Pictures by Ruby Kramer & Tokyoskipjack




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