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The first summer month we are kicking off with; how you can get a sustainable healthy lifestyle, if the stars are bringing you any good for the new year, and of course we have some goodies. PLUS, for all our readers in Bali and Lombok some extra specials this month.

Welcome to the summer of 2018; Welcome to Graysonsisters!


How can you eat healthy?


At Graysonsisters we love to nourish our bodies and feel energized all day. In our diver’s team, we all follow our own food visons, and more than once we walk into each other kitchens to try the food we are cook. The only question that comes to our minds during the dinner parties is: “Are we eating healthy?”


To answer that question, I have interviewed two amazing health coaches and I explained my own food vision of using vegan wholefood supplements in my daily diet. The first interview was held with our own foodologist, Inge Hart. She lives by Ayurvedic principles, and will explain why one person becomes fat from oils, while the other will blow up from water.


Famous Hilde Larsen is originally from Norway, but living in Florida, and is the third health coach I interviewed. She is passionate about vegan wholefoods, and becoming one again with nature whilst still having fancy dinner parties. She recovered almost miraculously from a sick bed by finding out she needed to look more inside her body and spirit.


Reviews of restaurants in Bali & Lombok

It is good to know that an orgasm can lift our lives up, but we would like to include food porn to that list as well. Food is what makes us all happy! Food is a favourite topic for the whole Graysonsisters team. Each month we visit different restaurants and coffee places to check out their awesome food and venues in Bali.


This spring Graysonsisters have reviews of Kinoa Clean Eating in Canggu, Jikaa in Berawa, and Rena’s and OPIA Dining in Jimbaran. Plus, all additional places I  have visit in Lombok; Loka Lombok. Also we got invited to take some tasty bites and try new cocktails at Tokyoskipjack and Bli Crackling.


Cork caps & coconut bowls


My eyes got stuck on a cap with a cork peak when Rose held it up in the sky and gave it a close look. We were visiting a market to hunt for new goodies to share here on Graysonsisters when this cap stole my attention. Creator Dismas will tell us at more about his brand and why he is using cork as a material for the caps. He also has leather combined with wood watches; which offers an interesting story.


Did you already hear of Cocohut? Their coconut bowls are super smoothie bowl worthy. Follow their Instagram and you will understand what I mean. We still feel blessed owners Nina and Laura reached out to us on Instagram. We can’t wait to interview this team of creative owners and hear all about their vision, and of course we want to know what their favourite smoothie bowl or poke bowl is.



Sustainable goodies


Polona did an interview with  One Planet Zero  and tried some of their awesome bamboo products. We also found a brand that produces coconut oil on Nusa Penida, a small island near Bali. Narikela Bali invited us to experience the process of making coconut oil. We can’t say no to that! Although it might not be out in January, in February’s edition you will be able to read more about this good smelling coconut oil.



Enjoy this month and see you next month


“Time flies, and you will only regret things if you let your steer out of your hands. Behave like a real pilot, and decide what your destination will be.” This month it is time to take charge of your life. We at Graysonsisters are here to support each other, help each other grow in our visions and make dreams come true.


Enjoy June and see you at the next Editor’s Note in July.


Ruby Kramer

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