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Ok…so I have to admit something, and I believe lots of you are guilty as well: searching for adorable animal pictures on Instagram, it’s an addiction. My favourite account is Bali.Paws, a kick-ass organisation that helps rescue-dogs here on Bali island. I fell in love with a dog called Indah, which actually means beautiful in Indonesian.


Little Indah was far from beautiful as she had a bad skin disease, but it was still possible to see in the picture how much soul this animal had. It is now weeks later and Bali Paws recently posted an update about Indah; her skin has cleared and she is looking gorgeous!


Bring the street dog home


I truly get inspired every time I see this kind of story. Even yesterday when I was walking along the streets in Kuta, South Bali I saw a dog lying on the street with rash all over its poor body, so eager for attention…


Libby never leaves an animal in need on the street, she would have lured him onto her bike and brought him straight to a vet. That is the reason why Bali Paws inspires me so much. When I met Libby for the first time I could see she is a person of action.


Libby came to Bali and found herself an awesome job managing Surf Camp. After a short period on the island she got her first rescue dog from BAWA, and met Mission Paw’sible when visiting the Bali Dog Halfway House. They asked Libby if she could take care of a new rescue dog. Mission Paw’sible is an organisation that places street dogs with foster carers so the animals can recover and prepare for a new ‘furever’-home. Libby and her husband fell in love with the dog, and wanted to spoil her with a cool bandana.


An idea was born


Only when she started searching, Libby found that there are no bandanas designed for dogs on the market in Bali. She decided to create her own under the name Bali Paws, she started selling the bandanas to other dog-lovers to raise funds for Mission Paw’sible. Pictures of dogs wearing the Bali Paws bandanas went viral on Instagram, and in no time people all over Bali wanted to have the new must-have accessory for their own dog. It was within two months that Bali Paws bandanas were also being sold overseas, as well as an expansion into other handmade, animal-safe accessories.


Bali Paws donates 30% of each item to Mission Paw’sible, the donations are used to pay for vet bills, food and accommodation for the rescue-dogs. Bali Paws also gives free bandanas to dogs that are rescued by Mission Paw’sible. The rescue-dogs mainly need a lot of love and attention, as they have been living on the street or beach without any human taking care of them.


The pictures on Instagram of dogs that are just rescued and have a Bali Paws bandana around their neck are my favourite, you can see something changes immediately within the dog. I guess it would be the same if you were to take a human off the streets and give them a shower and clothes; don’t we all just deserve to be loved?


Dut is the bandana-king 


Our editor Rose Hodge has a beautiful bandana for her amazing furry friend Dut. She says about the banadana of Bali Paws:


Both Ruby and Libby can attest to the fact I was very indecisive when it came to choosing the fabric design for Dut’s bandana, as a Golden Retriever with the friendliest face and most welcoming smile I knew it had to match him perfectly. After much back and forth I decided to select the Tartan design.


When the package arrived in the carefully packed cotton bag with the additional info about the charity and their logo, I could feel and see the energy and enthusiasm that is put into the organisation. The fabric of the bandana itself its luxurious and durable – very useful for all those beach dates. All in all, not only are you helping an amazing cause but you are getting a long lasting, and stylish piece for your doggy companion. I would like one in each fabric please!!



Help rescue doggies from miles away


It is great to see that the community of Mission Paw’sible is getting bigger and many others are helping. You can help by donating to Mission Paw’sible or by buying one of bandanas on the online store or in selected Bali locations. The dogs, and other rescued animals, will appreciate your help!


In Bali, you can find the Bali Paws bandanas at a variety of places; Matcha Café and Old Man’s Market in Canggu, Love Stories in Ubud, and Coffee Cartel in Seminyak. If you are living in Bali please consider becoming a foster carer for rescue animals or even adopt a dog forever. You can find all information about adopting a dog and a list of the stores that sale the bandanas on


Text written by Ruby Kramer
Instagram | Food Blog | Travel Blog 
Text edited by Rose Hodge
Instagram | Bali Blog 
Pictures by Bali Paws
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